Adding compound blocks to a menu

If you have created compound blocks that you want to use in multiple diagrams, you can add them to an existing menu, for example the Examples or Toolbox menu. When you want to insert the compound block, simply go to the menu and select it for insertion.

To add a compound block to the Toolbox menu

1.    Create a subdirectory under Embed-install-directory\Toolbox to save your compound blocks.

2.    Start Embed and open the diagram containing the compound block you want to save as a re-usable block.

3.    If the compound block is not the only block in the diagram, copy and paste the compound block to its own diagram.

4.    Save the compound block as a diagram (VSM) in the subdirectory you created in step 1.

5.    Exit Embed.

6.    Restart Embed.

7.    Click Toolbox; then click the subdirectory you created to access your re-usable compound block.