.HM.elcheck.###.cmf file

The .HM.elcheck_###.cmf file is a HyperMesh command file.

File Creation

The file is created, as required, when an element quality check is performed for optimization iterations.

File Contents

This file contains results from the following tests:
  1. Element quality tests using ELEMQUAL entry and PARAM, CHECKEL.
  2. Incorrectly formed CFAST and CWELD elements.
  3. CBUSH or CELAS elements with excessive stiffness values (stiffness values set on PBUSH, PELAS, PARAM, BUSHSTIF and PARAM, ELASSTIF).

When executed in HyperMesh, the .HM.elcheck_###.cmf file organizes all elements into separate sets depending on which quality check they fail. One set is created for each failed quality check. This helps you to visualize results by finding (displaying) elements by set.


  1. Ensure the corresponding model is loaded in HyperMesh when executing the command file.
  2. The ### in the file name represents the optimization iteration number.