.#.grid file

The .#.grid file is an OptiStruct ASCII format results file.

File Creation

This file is created when topography or shape optimization is performed. Output of this file is controlled by the I/O Option SHRES.

File Contents

Result Description
Nodal locations The nodal coordinates of the model at iteration # of the optimization.

File Format

The file uses the following format for each grid in the model:
GRID Id Cp X1 X2 X3 Cd Ps
Identifies this as a GRID card image.
The unique grid point identification number.
Is blank.
X1, X2, X3
Provides the location of the grid point in the global coordinate system.
The identification number of the coordinate system in which the displacements, degrees-of-freedom, constraints, and solution vectors are defined at the grid point.
The SPC associated with the grid.


  1. The # in the file name is the iteration number.