_TH.h5 file

This is a binary file that contains time history output from Explicit Dynamic Analysis in Hierarchical Data Format, Version 5.

File Creation

This file is created if a THIST entry is defined in an Explicit Dynamic Analysis subcase. Multiple time history files can be created with a user defined label at a desired output frequency, as defined in the THIST entry.

File Contents

This file contains time histories of global energy along with user specified output requests in the THIST Bulk Data Entry.


  1. If THIST is requested in the Subcase Control section, global energy data is written by default. Even if FILE is defined in the THIST Bulk Data Entry, the global energy data is only written to the _TH.h5 file and not to the other _TH<FILE>.h5 files.
  2. For details regarding the supported output requests, refer to the THIST Bulk Data Entry.