.mass file

The .mass file is an OptiStruct ASCII format results file.

File Creation

This file is only created when modal analyses are performed. Creation of this file is controlled by the I/O Option OUTPUT.

File Contents

Result Description
Modal Effective Masses Modal effective mass results from modal analyses.

Output is controlled by the I/O Option OUTPUT,HGEFFMASS.

File Format

The file is formatted into blocks separated by blank lines. Each block represents a modal subcase; the subcases are in order of occurrence in the input deck.

Each block contains a number of rows equal to the number of requested modes for that subcase.

The columns, from left to right, contain results for modal effective mass for X-translation, Y-translation, Z-translation, X-rotation, Y-rotation, and Z-rotation.


  1. The _mass.mvw HyperView script file automatically creates plots for the results contained in this file.