_bdst.mvw file

The _bdst.mvw file is a HyperView session file.

File Creation

This file is only created for Static Subcases. Creation of this file is controlled by the BORE Bulk Data Entry.

File Contents

This file is a HyperView session file and may be opened from the File menu in HyperView or HyperGraph. The file contains HyperGraph plots of Bore Deformation Magnitude versus Bore Depth (Z-depth) and Circularity versus Bore Depth (Z-depth). The plots display the Bore Z-depth on the x-axis and the Bore Deformation Magnitude and Circularity on the y-axis. Different plots are available depending on the ORDER field on the BORE Bulk Data Entry.


  1. This file is generated for Static Subcases and only if the BORE Bulk Data Entry is defined in the model.