.HM.comp.tcl file

The .HM.comp.tcl file is a HyperMesh command file.

File Creation

The .HM.comp.tcl file is created when a topology optimization is performed (see Topology Optimization in the OptiStruct User Guide).

File Contents

When executed in HyperMesh, the .HM.comp.tcl file organizes all elements in the model into ten new components based on their material densities at the final iteration. The components are named 0.0-0.1, 0.1-0.2, 0.2-0.3, and so on, up to 0.9-1.0. All elements with a material density between 0% and 10% are contained in 0.0-0.1. All elements with a material density between 10% and 20% are contained in 0.1-0.2, and so on. This helps you visualize results by turning components on and off.


  1. Ensure the corresponding model is loaded in HyperMesh when executing the command file.
  2. Since elements cannot be in more than one component in HyperMesh, the original components do not contain any elements.