_modal.#.mvw file

The _modal.#.mvw file is a HyperView session file.

File Creation

This file is only created for frequency response and transient analyses. Creation of this file is controlled by the I/O Option OUTPUT (with the HGMODFAC keyword).

File Contents

This file is a HyperView session file and may be opened from the File menu in HyperView or HyperGraph3D. The file contains HyperGraph3D plots of modal participation factors. The plots display the mode number on the x-axis, the frequency (for frequency response analyses) or time (for transient analyses) on the y-axis, and the modal participation factor on the z-axis.

In HyperGraph3D, it is possible to define cross-sections to generate 2D plots of either:
  • Modal participation factor versus frequency or time for a given mode number
  • Modal participation factor versus mode number at a given frequency or time

For frequency response analyses, plots are generated for the real part, the imaginary part and the magnitude of the participation factors. Magnitude plot is visible by default, while real and imaginary plots are hidden by default.