_ld.monitor file

The _ld.monitor file is an OptiStruct ASCII format results file.

File Creation

This file is created by default for any nonlinear run (similar to the .monitor file).

File Contents

This file contains, for each nonlinear subcase, a table of the maximum translational displacement for all grids (magnitude only) versus the load factor.


The following table format is used to print the monitoring information. The format is a simple table with two columns: the displacement and the load factor. The values of these two columns are basically the same as the .monitor file, but the non-converged increments with cutbacks are not output. This file can be opened directly in HyperGraph to plot the load factor versus displacement curve.
The maximum translational displacement of all grids (only magnitude).
If an NLMON Bulk Data Entry is specified, with GRID and corresponding DOF parameters, then the displacement printed is at the specified component at a particular grid. For more details, refer to NLMON Bulk Data Entry.
Load Factor
This value is different from the Time Step or Time Increment. The load factor is the subcase time normalized to the range of 0.0 to 1.0. The Load Factor is also printed in the .monitor file. The _ld.monitor file can be considered as a concise version of the .monitor file.
Figure 1.