_sizing.#.inc file

The _sizing.#.inc file is an ASCII format file.

File Creation

This file is created when OUTPUT, FSTOSZ (free-sizing to sizing) is requested during the free-sizing optimization phase.

File Contents

This file is a ply-based sizing optimization include file. It contains PCOMPP, STACK, PLY, and SET cards describing the ply-based composite model, as well as DCOMP, DESVAR, and DVPREL cards defining the optimization data. In HyperMesh, it can be imported on top of the original model to review the super-ply bundles, differentiated by element sets, created at the end of the free-size optimization. Refer to OS-T: 3200 Design of a Composite Aircraft Underbelly Fairing for further information.


  1. The # in the file name is the number of the last iteration.