<BODY_NAME>.h3d file

The <BODY_NAME>.h3d file is a compressed binary file from a multibody dynamics analysis that uses flexible bodies defined through a PFBODY Bulk Data Entry.

File Creation

This file is created when a multibody dynamics subcase is executed. One file for each PFBODY entry is generated. BODY_NAME is taken directly from PFBODY, BODY_NAME. If BODY_NAME is not given, the default is OUTFILE_body_<BID>.h3d. By default, the flexible body is only generated once; and if a file already exists in the execution directory, the flexible body generation is not repeated. The default can be changed by the parameter PARAM, FLEXH3D.

File Contents

This file contains the modal representation of the flexible body for direct use in the multibody dynamics solution sequence or in MotionSolve. It is generated using a Component Mode Synthesis. Each flexible body is written to a separate file.