_hist.mvw file

The _hist.mvw file is a HyperView session file.

File Creation

This file is created when an optimization is performed. Creation of this file is controlled by the I/O Option DESHIS.

File Contents

This _hist.mvw file additionally contains the following information based on the OUTPUT,HGHIST options:
  1. The file automatically creates individual plots for each of the results contained in the .hist file.
  2. Normalized constraint violation plots. Value 32 outputs the plot for responses divided by their corresponding constraint bounds to the *_hist.mvw file. The response over constraint bound (Y-Axis) versus Response ID (X-Axis) plots are only output for the final optimization iteration. The responses ID’s are not equivalent to the user-defined Response ID’s in the model. To identify any response, hover the mouse pointer over red vertical curve in HyperGraph, this will display the user-defined Response Label. The Y-Axis value of 1.0 is displayed as a red horizontal line.

Each plot occupies its own page within HyperView (HyperGraph).