Subcase Information Entry This NLMON Subcase Information Entry can be used to activate Nonlinear Monitoring for a subcase by referencing a corresponding NLMON Bulk Data Entry.


NLMON = option


Argument Options Description
option <ID >

No default

Set identification number of an NLMON Bulk Data Entry.


  1. NLMON outputs nonlinear runtime displacement results monitoring to the <filename>_nl.h3d file.
  2. NLMON is currently supported for Small and Large Displacement Nonlinear static and Large Displacement Nonlinear Transient analysis only. By extension to Nonlinear Transient Analysis, it is also supported for Structural Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI).
  3. In addition to the <filename>.h3d file generated at the end of analysis, for subcases with NLMON turned on a second result file named filename_nl.h3d is written during runtime, and this file can be used to monitor progress of the solution.