Subcase Information Entry Used to select a flow pressure boundary condition.


SPCP = option


Argument Option Description
option <SID>

No default

Set identification of an SPCP Bulk Data Entry.


  1. Only one SPCP entry can be present for each subcase. An SPCP Bulk/Subcase Entry pair is mandatory to activate flow analysis in steady-state heat transfer analysis. The INLTVEL Bulk/Subcase pair is optional.
  2. The SPCP entry activates Darcy Flow analysis for a heat transfer analysis subcase.
  3. Darcy Flow Analysis is currently only supported for Steady-State Heat Transfer.
  4. For Darcy Flow Analysis, both the structural thermal analysis and the flow analysis will be solved in the same subcase. Therefore, in addition to the SPCP Subcase Entry to activate flow, the regular structural SPC Subcase Entry should also be specified for structural thermal boundary conditions.
  5. For inlet flow conditions, there are two options:
    • Use SPCP Bulk Data to define both inlet and outlet flow pressures, leading to a definition of flow pressure differential.
    • Use SPCP Bulk Data to define outlet pressure and use the INLTVEL Bulk/Subcase pair to define the inlet velocity.
  6. Flow analysis will be solved in the same subcase as a steady-state thermal analysis subcase. SPCP defines the flow pressure boundary condition and SPC entry will be used to define the thermal boundary condition.