I/O Options and Subcase Information Entry The IDGLOBAL entry can be used in the I/O Options section to convert all entries of the specified type into corresponding global entries.





The presence of this command will lead to all GRID's, SPC's (SPC, SPC1, and SPCADD), and MAT (all Materials) being treated as Global.


Argument Options Description
ENTRYTYPE <any supported local entry type>

Default = blank

All entries of the same type as the specified <ENTRYTYPEi> will be converted from Local to Global entries.


  1. This entry allows disabling the treatment of a specific group of entries as part-localized.
  2. If IDGLOBAL,<ENTRYi> is present, then ENTRYi is considered to be only associated with the global part and these entries can now only be referenced on other entries by numeric ID, instead of qualified ID.
  3. Duplicate ID's are not allowed for entries of entry types specified on IDGLOBAL.
  4. If no arguments are present, this command will print the list of all groups which are processed as part-specific in a Parts and Instances based model.
  5. A Globalized entry may not be able to reference local entries of other entry types without fully qualified references. For example, IDGLOBAL,SPC requires that all SPC entries should reference fully-qualified GRID ID's (unless GRID data is also globalized). The typical use case for IDGLOBAL is to globalize all material and property entries, whenever required.
  6. Globalized entries are effectively associated with the global part. Therefore, when GRID entries are globalized, it disables all RELOC references in INSTNCE/LOCATE entries.