Subcase Information Entry The METHOD command can be used to select a method for real eigenvalue extraction.


METHOD (type) = option


Argument Options Description
type <STRUCTURE, FLUID> The referenced EIGRL or EIGRA Bulk Data Entry is applied to:
Structural portion of the model.
Fluid portion of the model.
option <SID>

No default

Set identification of an EIGRL or EIGRA Bulk Data Entry.


  1. Only one METHOD entry of each type can be defined for each subcase.

    If only one type of METHOD entry is defined (either METHOD(STRUCTURE) or METHOD(FLUID)), this definition will be used for both the structure and the fluid portion of the model.

  2. A METHOD entry cannot be present in the same subcase definition as a LOAD entry.
  3. A METHOD entry is required for normal modes, linear buckling, modal frequency response, and modal transient response solution sequences.
  4. If present above the first subcase, it is used in all subsequent subcases which can accept a METHOD entry. However, this does not apply to subcases which already contain their own METHOD entry.
  5. AMSES can be used for the fluid (FLUID) part of the model. METHOD(FLUID) can reference an EIGRA Bulk Data Entry.