Subcase Information Entry The SUBMODEL entry can be used to select a submodel as a set of elements. Subcase entries specific to the selected element set can be used to solve the submodel without affecting the rest of the structure.




Argument Value Description
SID <integer > 0>
integer > 0
Specifies the SID of a SET of elements that defines the submodel.
integer = 0
All elements in the model collectively define the submodel.
SID_R <integer > 0, NONE, ALL, blank>
integer > 0
Specifies the SID of a set of rigid elements to be included with the submodel.
NONE, blank
The subcase containing this SUBMODEL entry will skip all rigid elements in the input deck.
The subcase containing this SUBMODEL entry will include all rigid elements defined in the input deck.


  1. A SUBMODEL entry can only be defined within a subcase and cannot be specified above the first subcase.
  2. The SUBMODEL entry does not automatically apply the specific attributes (loads, constraints and so on) to the defined submodel. It is your responsibility to specify corresponding attributes that apply exclusively to the subcase-specific model defined via SUBMODEL.
  3. There is no restriction on the use of GRID's. If two submodels have a GRID at the same location, you can use the shared GRID entry or two separate GRID entries.