Subcase Information Entry Activates parameters for stabilization control of contact (S2S and N2S) and Gap Elements (CGAP/CGAPG) for this subcase. This entry is supported with nonlinear static and nonlinear transient analysis types for both small and large displacement cases.


CNTSTB = option


Argument Options Description
option <SID>

No default

Set identification number of a CNTSTB Bulk Data Entry.


  1. CNTSTB Bulk Data Entry will not be used, unless selected in the Subcase Information section.
  2. If a nonlinear static analysis subcase or nonlinear transient analysis subcase contains a CNTSTB Subcase Entry in conjunction with PARAM,EXPERTNL,CNTSTB, the stabilization parameters defined by the CNTSTB Bulk Data Entry (referenced by the CNTSTB Subcase Entry) override the global stabilization settings of PARAM, EXPERTNL, CNTSTB for this particular subcase.