Subcase Information Entry The K42GG command can be used to select a direct input structural element damping matrix.


K42GG = name


Argument Description
name Name of a damping matrix that is input in the Bulk Data section using the DMIG card.


  1. DMIG matrices will not be used unless selected.
  2. This matrix is handled like the contributions from the structural element damping coefficients GE on MATi, PBUSH, and PELAS.
  3. Terms are added to the damping matrix before any constraints are applied.
  4. The matrix must be symmetric, that is field 4 on the referenced DMIG entry must contain the integer 6.
  5. When multiple instances of this card occur, the referenced DMIG entries are combined. This behavior differs from that of Nastran, which only recognizes the last instance of this card in the same situation.
  6. SET of labels can be referenced in K42GG.