Subcase Information Entry The PEAKOUT command can be used to select the criteria for automatic identification of loading frequencies at which result peaks occur. Output result output may then be requested at these "peak" loading frequencies. This entry is supported for frequency response solution sequences only.


PEAKOUT = option


Argument Options Description
option <SID>

No default

Set identification of a PEAKOUT Bulk Data Entry.


  1. Only one PEAKOUT entry can be defined for each subcase.
  2. If present above the first subcase, it is applied to all subcases which support it, but do not contain a PEAKOUT entry.
  3. In addition to the PEAKOUT Subcase Information Entry, the corresponding result I/O Options Entry should contain the PEAK keyword in the options field to generate the requested output at the peak loading frequencies.
  4. OFREQ is ignored when PEAKOUT is used.