Subcase Information Entry Select a dynamic load to be applied in a transient and frequency response analysis subcase. The DLOAD command can also be used to select a user-defined loading curve to be applied in a nonlinear static analysis subcase.

Attention: Valid for Implicit and Explicit Analysis


DLOAD = option


Argument Options Description
option <SID>

No default

Set identification of a DLOAD, TLOAD1, TLOAD2, RLOAD1, RLOAD2, ACSRCE, or UNBALNC Bulk Data Entry.


  1. RLOAD1 and RLOAD2 Bulk Data Entry are used o define frequency response loadings.
  2. TLOAD1 and TLOAD2 are used to define transient response loading or user-defined loading curves for Nonlinear Static Analysis.
  3. In case of Nonlinear Explicit Analysis (NLEXPL), follower loads are supported with DLOAD, for all pressure loads, FORCE1, FORCE2, MOMENT1 and MOMENT2.