Subcase Information Entry The P2G command is used before the first subcase to select a direct input load matrix.


P2G = name


P2G = PAX + 2*PAY


Argument Description
name Name of a load matrix that is input in the Bulk Data section using the DMIG card.


  1. Terms are added to the load matrix before any constraints are applied.
  2. The DMIG matrix must be rectangular (columnar), that is field 4 on the referenced DMIG entry must contain the integer 9.
  3. A scale factor may be applied to this input using the CP2 parameter (See PARAM Bulk Data Entry).
  4. By default, gravity and centrifugal loads are not generated based on the external mass matrix (M2GG). In this case, gravity and centrifugal loads should be included in generating the reduced loads in the DMIG.
  5. When multiple instances of this card occur, the referenced DMIG entries are combined. This behavior differs from that of Nastran, which only recognizes the last instance of this card in the same situation.
  6. The P2G statement must be above the first SUBCASE.
  7. If the DMIG data referenced by the P2G statement has multiple load columns, then they are applied in order in the linear and nonlinear static structural analysis subcases. If there are more static subcases than columns, then only the subcases up to the number of columns will get loads. If there are more columns than static subcases, the number of columns used with be the number of static subcases. For example, if the DMIG has two columns and there are three static subcases, only the first two subcases will get loads. If the DMIG has two columns and there is just one static subcase, then only the first column is used.
  8. For more control, to add a single DMIG load to one of multiple static subcases, use P2GSUB.