Subcase Information Entry The DESVAR command can be used to select a set of design variables for use in an optimization run.


DESVAR = option


Argument Options Description
option <ALL, SID>
ALL (Default)
All design variables in the input data, as defined by DESVAR Bulk Data Entry, are used in the optimization.
The ID of a SET Bulk Data Entry definition. Only those design variables, as defined by DESVAR Bulk Data Entry with IDs appearing in the referenced SET entry are considered in the optimization.


  1. Only one DESVAR command may appear in the Subcase Information section and should appear before the first SUBCASE statement.
  2. The DESVAR command is optional. If it is absent, all DESVAR Bulk Data Entry will be used.
  3. DESVAR Bulk Data Entry that are not selected by this command are frozen at their initial values (that is same as setting XINIT=XLB=XUB) and all referenced properties will still be governed by the DESVAR settings.