Subcase Information Entry The GLOBSUB entry can be used to select a subcase that references the global structure for Local-Global Analysis and a set of grid points in the local structure that defines the cut surface for displacement.




Argument Value Description
SUBID <integer > 0> Specifies the identification number of the subcase that contains the global structure definition (via SUBMODEL).
SID <integer > 0> Specifies the set of grid points in the local structure that defines the cut surface. The displacements from the global structure are interpolated and applied to this set of grid points.


  1. The cut surface should be selected such that in the global structure there are no grids which are connected only to 1D or rigid elements. Second order elements (for example, CHEXA20 or CQUAD8) are allowed in the cut surface in both the local and global submodel. There is no further restriction on element types elsewhere in the structure.
  2. The cut surface may represent single or multiple cuts (sections) through the structure. Multiple cuts should be separated from each other, that is, they should not exist closer than the element size of the global model. Refer to comments 6 and 7 in the One Step Submodeling section of the User Guide.
  3. The GLOBSUB entry should always reference the subcase ID of a global subcase that is defined above its corresponding local subcase.
  4. There can be multiple GLOBSUB cards, each in a separate subcase section. A subcase referenced by a GLOBSUB entry can also contain a GLOBSUB entry.