Subcase Information Entry The MASSSET command can be used to select a linear mass combination.


MASSSET = option




Argument Options Description
option <ID>

No default

Identification number of MASSSET Bulk Data Entry for steady state analysis.


  1. If there is no MASSSET defined in the subcase, the base mass is used by default.
  2. This case control command can be used in linear static analysis and aeroelastic trim analysis.
  3. The additional mass can be defined in the BEGIN,MASSID entry. Concentrated mass elements or general structural elements could be used to apply the mass to the structure. The stiffness of the structural elements is ignored in the MASSID section.
  4. The entries in the BEGIN,MASSID section could have the same ID as entries in the global section. The property or material information from global part is used if it is not defined in the BEGIN,MASSID section.
    BEGIN MASSID=11 LABEL='mass increment using conm2s'
    CONM2   100     15      0       1.0
    BEGIN MASSID=12 LABEL='mass increment using CBEAM'
    CBEAM         81       2       1       61.0     0.0     0.0             
    PBEAML         2       2             ROD                                +       
    +            5.0   
    MAT1           2210000.0        0.3     7.9-9