I/O Options and Subcase Information Entry Used to request subcase-specific output to separate files.




Argument Options Description
tofile TOFILE

No default

Keyword that indicates the output file "label" will follow.
label <label>

No default

The user-specified "label" that will be appended to the <model_filename> in the generated subcase-specific output file.


  1. Currently only subcase-specific H3D, OP2 and PCH files are available.
  2. For subcase-specific H3D output, POST,TOFILE command should be used in conjunction with OUTFILE,H3D. This is currently supported for Static analysis only.
  3. For subcase-specific OP2 output, the POST,TOFILE command should always be used in conjunction with OUTFILE,OP2 or PARAM,POST,-1.
  4. For subcase-specific PCH output, the POST,TOFILE command can be used in conjunction with OUTFILE,PCH. This is currently supported for any analysis type which supports PUNCH file output. If PARAM,POST is used in conjunction with OUTPUT,PCH,BYSUB, PARAM,POST takes precedence for the subcases in which it is present.
  5. POST,TOFILE can be used in conjunction with the REPCASE entry to allow output of different result types of a subcase in multiple output files.