GF Card

This card includes the complexities of dielectric environments using special Green's functions. The Green's functions relates the fields in space to the sources.

On the Home tab, in the Planes / arrays group, click the  Plane / ground icon. From the drop-down list, click the  Green's function (GF) icon.

The Green’s functions supported by Feko are as follows:
  • Homogeneous medium: The dielectric properties for the entire problem space can be set. This is useful for modelling in a homogeneous medium that differs from free space.
  • Layered dielectric sphere: A layered dielectric sphere located at the origin is taken into account with the Green’s function.
  • Planar multilayer substrate: A multilayer dielectric substrate in the XY plane is taken into account. The layers can have ground planes at any arbitrary z-values.
Using Green’s functions to model the presence of these dielectric regions means that their influence is taken into account implicitly, using less computational resources than modelling them using either the volume- or surface equivalence principles.