CH Card

This card is used to group cable harness specific properties.

On the Solve/Run tab, in the Cables group, click the  Cable harness (CH) icon.

Figure 1. The CH - Cable harness definition dialog.


Harness name
The name of the cable harness.
Use legacy convention (short-circuited)

This check box can be used to change how the local circuit device ground and global installation concepts should be treated with respect to each other in an MTL cable harness definition.

For MTL the legacy convention enforces the device ground and installation to be short-circuited. If left unchecked, the device ground and installation are distinct concepts and may be open-circuited, short-circuited or connected through bonding circuit elements.

For combined MoM/MTL harnesses the device ground indicates the transitioning point from circuit to full wave solver. Connections beyond the device ground should be included in the full wave model.