WD Card

This card is used to define the dielectric properties of each of the windscreen glass layers. These layers are placed over the antenna elements by defining the relative position of the top layer to the reference plane.

In the Home tab, in the Define group, click the  Media icon. From the drop-down list select the  Windscreen (WD) icon.

The windscreen layers are defined in the direction of the reference plane's normal direction.
Note: There are three cards that should be used together to create windscreen antenna models:
  1. The WR card that defines the windscreen reference surface.
  2. The WA card that defines the windscreen solution elements (antenna).
  3. The WD card that defines the windscreen layered media (this card).
Figure 1. The WD - Define windscreen dielectric layers dialog.


Windscreen name
The name of the windscreen.
Offset of top layer (Offset L):
The distance from the reference to the top of layer 1.
Layered dielectric label
The label of the layered medium to be used, as defined in the DL card.