WA Card

The WA card is used to define all windscreen antenna solution elements. This would include all elements in close proximity to the finite glass structure and can consist of either segments or triangles (all defined by labels).

On the Solve/Run tab, in the Windscreen group, click the  Windscreen element (WA) icon.

Figure 1. The WA - Define windscreen dialog.

Note: The WR, WA and WD cards should be used together to create windscreen antenna models. These three cards respectively define the windscreen reference surface, the windscreen solution elements (antenna) and the windscreen layered media definition.


Windscreen name
Name of the windscreen.
Use windscreen modelling for label
Start of the label range.
(optionally) up to label
[Optional] End of the label range.
Offset from reference (Offset A)
Offset of the specified label geometry with respect to the reference windscreen triangles.

The antenna elements will be limited to lying tangentially with respect to the windscreen surface. Using a defined offset from the reference plane (in the direction of the reference plane normal), these elements can then be positioned at the exact required location. This offset is specifically needed because of the limitations of a finite mesh (compared to a smooth surface) in combination with curvature in the model.