SL Card

This card defines, for the combined MoM/MTL, the transitioning point from circuit elements (defined in a cable schematic) to the full wave model (defined using DP cards).

In the Solve/Run tab, in the Cables group, click the  Schematic link (SL) icon.

Figure 1. The SL - Specify a schematic link dialog.


Schematic link name
The name of the interface definition between the schematic and the 3D full wave model.
Number of cable connectors
The number of cable paths terminating in the schematic link.
Connector name
The path start/end connector name. Start and end points of a cable path section are uniquely identified using the Connector at start and Connector at end labels at the CS card.
Connector position
The name of the data point coinciding with the path start/end connector name (defined at the CS card).
Number of connection vertex points
The number of points connected to mesh vertices. The mesh vertex point can be either a metallic triangle vertex, segment vertex or PEC infinite ground plane (BO card).
Vertex position
The name of the point connected to a mesh vertex (defined using the DP card).