IN Card

The IN card is used to include external files. These files may be other .pre files (which are included as if they were part of the master file) or mesh data files containing wire segments, triangles, quadrangles, tetrahedral volume elements and/or polygonal plates (in FEMAP neutral, ASCII format, NASTRAN, AutoCAD DXF, NEC model, CONCEPT geometry, STL, PATRAN neutral, ANSYS CDB, ABAQUS, GiD or I-DEAS UNV mesh files).

On the Construct tab, in the Import group, click the  Import (IN) icon.


These fields are common to more than one option:

File name
The name of the file. This parameter is required for all import options. The file name may contain directory names as well, for example, ../myfiles/ and will have different extensions for the various import options. Both \ and / are allowed on Windows and UNIX systems.
Include segments
Check this item to include all wire segments that match the label selection.
Include triangles
Check this item to include surface triangles.
Include quadrangles
Check this item to include quadrangles. The quadrangles are subdivided into triangles (along the shortest diagonal) during importation.
Include tetrahedral elements
Check this item to include tetrahedral elements (for FEM).
Include polygons
Check this item to include polygonal plates (for UTD).
Include node points
Check this item to include node points.
Include only node points for imported triangles and/or wires
If this item is checked, only the node points which are used by the imported elements, are imported. This is useful if one imports, for example, a few segments from a file containing a large number of triangles. With this option one may then only import the points associated with the segments — even if they have the same label as the ones associated with triangles only.
Label selection
Most options allow label selective importing. (How the various layers/properties / names are converted to Feko labels is discussed separately for each import option.) One may Include all items, Include items with only a single label or Include items with range of labels. If the first option is selected all elements are imported, irrespective of label. If the single label option is selected, the Include structures with.. . field becomes active. Specify the label (as it will be after conversion) in this field. If the range option is selected, the Up to.. . field also becomes active. All elements with the label larger or equal to the first and smaller or equal to the second field, are included. If the import option does not support label selection, all elements are imported.
Scale factor
An optional constant scaling factor can be applied to the imported geometry. This is necessary, for example, if separate CAD files with different units must be imported, or if the .pre is, for example, created using mm while the CAD file is constructed using inches as unit. It should be noted that the scaling factor specified here is applied in addition to any scaling factor that may be set with the SF or TG cards.