Add Representations to the Part Library

After importing a BOM, you can add CAD representations to the Part Library.

  1. In the Part Browser, right-click on a part/part assembly and select Representations > Add > to Library from the context menu.
  2. In the Add Representation to Library dialog, select representations and click OK.

The Add Representation to Library dialog displays information regarding the availability of representations in library, session, and overwrite details.

In Figure 1, CAD representations are being added to the Part Library. The Library column displays 0/8, which indicates there are no CAD representations available in the Part Library. The Session column displays 6/8, which indicate 6 out of 8 representations are currently available in the active HyperMesh session. The Overwrite column displays 0/8, which indicates none of the representations will need to be overwritten.
Figure 1.