Match Parts

Automatically group selected parts into part sets based on comparison method and criteria selected.

  1. From the Assembly ribbon, click the Match tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Click on the guide bar to set match options.
    1. Select which type of geometry to compare.
    2. Select a comparison method.
      The default is shapeAI.

      Match also supports comparisons based on part name and metadata. You can group parts based on complex queries using name, metadata, or a combination of both. Partset names can be specified before creation and these queries can be saved and shared in a configuration file.

    3. Specify a similarity percentage and a tolerance value.
      Similarity is the threshold above which matching pairs are returned. Tolerance is the tolerance value used to check matching.
    4. Optional: Check options to create part sets for unmatched parts or reuse existing part sets.
  3. Select the necessary parts in the graphics area or through the Advanced selection dialog.
  4. Optional: Select the Choose reference checkbox and select the parts that will act as a reference for comparison. You can select more than one reference part.
  5. Select the Link Parts checkbox to have HyperMesh link all the matching parts as Instances of each other if they are not already linked.
  6. Click Match on the guide bar.
    A progress bar initializes in the status bar. A part set is created for each group of parts that match each other. The top level part set is created using a combination of comparison method and criteria, and is prefixed with "Grouped_." Nested part sets are created for each part having similar or matching parts, with a prefix of "Matched_."
    Figure 2.