Organize Part Assemblies and Parts

Organize part assemblies, parts, and components in your model.

Entity organization rules are as follows:
  • The Model is the root of the hierarchy in the browser. It represents the contents of the HyperMesh binary file and can contain part assemblies, parts, and components.
  • A part assembly can contain part assemblies and parts.
  • A part can only contain components.
  • Reorganize part assemblies, parts, and components in the Part Browser.
    1. From the Part Browser, left-click on an entity and drag and drop it to a new location.
    In Figure 1, Component B is being reorganized into Part B.
    Figure 1.

  • Reorganize parts and components using the Organize tool.
    1. From the Assembly ribbon, click the Organize tool.
      Figure 2.

    2. Use the first selector on the guide bar to pick the parts or components to move.
    3. Use the second selector to pick a destination collector.
    4. Click to save your changes and remain in the tool or click to save your changes and exit the tool.
  • Reorganize components into a new part using the Organize panel.
    1. From the Tool page, click the Organize panel, Parts subpanel.
    2. Use the comps selector to select the component(s) to move.
    3. In the dest part field, select the part to move the selected components into.
    4. Click move.