FAQ: Inspire Implicit Modeling

Answers to frequently asked technical questions about Inspire Inspire Implicit Modeling.

Do I need a GPU to run Inspire Implicit modeling?

Inspire Implicit Modeling prefers a GPU based system but will run on a CPU only computer. That said, it is much slower. To get the true benefits, a GPU is strongly recommended.

What type of graphics card do I need?

It is best to use NVIDIA RTX graphics with at 16 GB of RAM. Other vendors (AMD, Intel) GPU graphics may work but have not yet been qualified. Smaller amounts of RAM (4 GB or 8 GB) will work depending on model size and complexity.

Does Inspire Implicit Modeling work with other geometry types?

B-Rep and PolyNURBS geometry are converted on the fly and work quite well in the Implicit Modeling environment. Implicit field definitions can be referenced from existing B-Rep or PolyNURBS geometric features.

What file export options are available?

Inspire supports standard facet formats (STL, OBJ) as well as the newer, more compact, 3MF format. Altair has joined the 3MF foundation as a steering member to drive the specification forward.

Can I create my own custom lattice types?

Yes, Inspire Implicit Modeling has complete Python API support, including 75+ documented demos. In addition, a complete set of GPU accelerated math functions are supported.