Altair Inspire User Guide
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Get Started
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Start using Inspire with our interactive tutorials.
Create parametric sketches, geometry, and PolyNURBS with construction history and variables.
Create implicit models with primitives, lattices, point clouds, fields, offsetting, Booleans, inverting, smoothing, morphing, and filleting.
Set up your model and run a structural analysis or optimization.
Set up and run a motion analysis, plot the results, and export the results.
Prepare and run a computational fluid dynamics simulation.
Evaluate designs by using geometric variables and applying a design-of-experiments (DOE) or optimization method. We recommend fully constraining your sketch when sketch variables are used in the design exploration.
Set up and run a basic porosity or thinning analysis.
Prepare and run an additive manufacturing simulation, and export a file for 3D printing.
Adjust the materials and environment of objects in the scene to create a photorealistic image.
Learn how to access the Inspire Python API including online help, quick start demos, and the Extension Manager.
View the glossary, frequently asked questions, and errors and alerts.
Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Controls
Learn keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls for common operations.