Inspire Python API

Learn how to access the Inspire Python API including online help, quick start demos, and the Extension Manager.

Inspire now includes an easy-to-use Python API layer with classes to create user interface components like widgets, dialogs, and menus, as well as classes to exercise Inspire core functionalities including objects, boundary conditions, geometry, and graphics.

Inspire API Online Help

The basics of how to use the Inspire Python API are covered in the Inspire API online help, which includes package references.

Quickstart Demos

Inspire provides examples of available components with the source code to implement them, allowing you to modify the code and run it to see the results in real time.

Learn about the interactive dialog where you can tour the components in Quickstart Demos.

Extension Manager

Extend the application through shared libraries or scripts to create new clients, profiles, contexts, and model views.

See the Extension Manager for information on creating extensions and managing them.

Python Debugger