Hexa (Contact)

This realization creates hexa elements between shell and/or solid elements connecting them with a tie contact definition.

Figure 1. Hexa (Contact) Realization Example


Defines the search distance from the connector location.
Only entities within this tolerance can be considered for the final realization. The tolerance is used to verify that whether adequate link candidates are available to be connected with respect to the number of layers.
Defines the number of links of the connection.
The final realization must have the exact number of links specified by the layers. Otherwise, the realization will appear incomplete.
Engineering Name
Defines the physical representation of the realization.

Weld Shape

Hexa Number
Defines the number of hexas to be created for each layer connection.
Figure 2.

Realization Details

Diameter Option
Specifies the diameter definition. Can be a diameter mapping file or a real positive value.
Diameter/Diameter Mapping File
Defines the diameter of the realization.


Specifies how many contacts will be created depending on the number of links.
One contact per connector (single contact), one contact per link pair and one contact per link are the available options.
Single Contact
Specifies if the property created will be automatic or the sets will be user specified.
If one contact per connector (single contact) is chosen, then the user can optionally enter the contact sets manually.

Legacy Realizations

The following realizations are replaced by Hexa (Contact):
  • hexa (spot tie)
  • mat100 (hexa)
  • HC hexa spotweld