CFAST (General)

This realization creates CFAST elements between the connecting links.

Figure 1. CFAST (General) Realization Example

Realization Details

Diameter Option
Specifies the diameter definition. Can be a diameter mapping file or a real positive value.
Diameter/Diameter Mapping File
Defines the diameter of the realization.


CFAST Option
Specifies whether the CFAST element will connect each link pair through properties (PROP) or through elements (ELEM).
CFAST Suboption
Specifies whether the CFAST element will be defined using nodes on links (GA – GB) or a single node in the middle of the projection from one link to the other (GS).
Each CFAST element generates a cbush element internally. GA – GB option specifies that the internally generated cbush element will have its two end points on nodes GA and GB respectively. GS option specifies that the points generated from the normal projections from the node GS to each link will be used as the end points for the internally generated cbush.
Figure 2. GA - GB Options Differences

Legacy Realizations

The following realizations are replaced by CFAST (General):
  • cfast_elem (GA – GB)
  • cfast_elem (GS)
  • cfast_prop (GA – GB)
  • cfast_prop (GS)