SoftSoil Tire Graphics Tab

The SoftSoil Tire Graphics tab appears when a SoftSoil Tire and corresponding SoftSoil Road property files are chosen. It provides the options to create an animated SoftSoil graphics in HyperView. A check box is provided to activate the graphics. A graphics system collector is available to choose the soil graphics system, this soil system is created when generating the road using the road tools (see Visualization - Road Tools). This will be used to create a moving carpet type of graphics to show the SoftSoil deformation as the vehicle moves over it.
Figure 1. SoftSoil Tire Graphics Tab
When there are multiple AutoTires in a model, it is recommended to:
  1. Use a single Graphic System in all of them.
  2. Select/Clear the Animated Graphics option in all of them.

All the graphics that are created use the MotionSolve Grasub internally for animation in HyperView.