CD Tire Graphics Tab

The CD Tire Graphics tab appears when a CD tire property file is selected. It provides the option to produce a deformable tire graphics for CD Tire in the result animation file. The tire graphics are rendered by HyperView based on the node locations provided by CD Tire. If this option is selected, the rigid tire graphic provided by the AutoTire is hidden in HyperView.
Figure 1. CD Tire Graphics Tab

CD Tire supports deformable tire graphics only in transient simulation. If there is a preceding Static simulation, the rigid tire graphic will be retained until the transient simulation starts. The number of nodes and its spacing is decided by CD Tire.

CD Tire/Realtime (Model 31) provides only a single ring of nodes along the circumference at the center of the tire width. For this model the tire graphics has been created by extrapolating this ring along the width of the tire.

The deformable graphics is an approximation of the actual FE Model. Also, the animated belt and side wall are the inner rings and not the outer belt. Because of this a certain gap is expected to be seen between the graphic surface and road surface in the animation.