Accessing the Components Library in MotionView

The Components Library is available in MotionView as part of the Vehicle Tools extension. To access the library load the extension following the steps below.
  1. Click File > Extension Manager.
    The Extension Manager dialog displays all added extension in MotionView.

    Figure 1. File > Extension Manager option

    Figure 2. Extensions added in MotionView
  2. Load the Vehicle Tools extension by sliding the Load button to the right.
    The Vehicle Tools page is added in MotionView.

    Figure 3. Vehicle Tools extensions loaded in MotionView

    Figure 4. Vehicle Tools page
  3. Click View and enable the Entity Browser.

    Figure 5.
  4. In the Entity Browser, click on VehicleTools.

    Figure 6.
  5. The Components Library is available in the Entity Browser under Vehicle Tools > Components.

    Figure 7. Components Library
  6. To add any of the components in the model, double click on it and follow the guide bar to connect the entities.

    Figure 8. Example of a shock absorber guide bar
  7. Once included in the model, use the Entity Editor to edit the component properties.

    Figure 9. Example of a shock absorber in the model browser

    Figure 10. Example of a shock absorber parameters in the Entity Editor