MotionView Overview

MotionView is a general pre-processor for Multibody Dynamics.

MotionView is a Multibody Dynamics modeling client. Coupled with Altair’s native, state of the art multibody solver MotionSolve, MotionView offers an end to end solutions for mechanical system simulations, right from model set up to result viewing and optimization.

MotionView has following salient features and functionalities:
  • Flexible, intuitive, and easy to use graphical interface
  • Unlimited level of hierarchy
  • Object oriented Parametric modeling environment
  • Set up multiple events
  • Reading of diverse CAD formats
  • Offers a vast range of modeling elements supported by the solver
  • Many tools to assist with model building, such as CG/Inertia summary, Load Export, Data Summary, and more
  • Highly customizable through its native language, MDL, as well as other known languages like Tcl and Python
  • Ready to use automotive libraries and track modeler
  • Multi-Disciplinary tools
  • System optimization using MotionSolve or HyperStudy
  • Coupling with EDEM for bulk material modeling and simulation
  • Export to ADAMS
  • Functional Mock-up Interface support

Getting Started

Note: See Start Applications for more information on launching applications on Windows and Linux.
Tip: From other clients:
  • Select MotionView from the client pull-down menu.

    Figure 1.


  • Select MotionView using the client selector in the modeling window.

    Figure 2.

User Interface

The user interface provides you with a consistent look and feel when you are working in MotionView or any of the applications.

Figure 3.
The interface has the following key components:
  • Ribbon Tabs
  • Ribbon Icons
  • Browser
  • Property Editor
  • View Toolbar
  • Panels