Vehicle Libraries

The automotive solution in MotionView provides a comprehensive vehicle library of Cars, Trucks and Motorcycles that can be used to simulate suspension behavior and full vehicle dynamics.

The vehicle library allows you to build different vehicle components and suspension combinations for various types of automotive applications. Suspensions and sub-systems not covered in the library selections can typically be built by modifying an existing library suspension.
  • Car/Small Truck Library
  • Heavy Truck MDL Library
  • Two-Wheeler MDL Library
Note: You can also create your own library of vehicles and standard events that match your corporate processes and methods. The User/Custom Library option can be used for this purpose.

The vehicle library is intended to provide a good starting point in the design of vehicles. The models contain generic data. You are responsible for populating the model with the appropriate data, such as suspension geometry, spring and damper parameters, mass and CG location, bushing data, tire and road data, and other model information that is required to develop an accurate vehicle model.

The vehicle libraries can be accessed by loading the MBD-Vehicle Dynamics Tools under the Preference File,
Figure 1.
and then selecting the library in Model > Set Wizard Paths
Figure 2.
Figure 3.