Cosin Tire Graphics Tab

The Cosin Tire Graphics tab appears when an F-Tire property file is chosen. It defines the cosin tire’s graphic properties. A check box is available to produce and visualize the deformable tire graphics. The tire graphics are rendered by HyperView based on the node locations provided by Cosin.

Figure 1. Cosin Tire Graphics Tab

The following five inputs are needed for creating the tire graphics:
Reference Frame The frame of reference for the graphics. Options are:
  • Rim-Fixed Frame (Default)
  • Inertial Frame
  • Tydex C Frame
This option renders the graphic in the tire force reference marker.
Circumferential Sections Number of divisions along the circumference.
Lateral Sections Number of divisions along the tire width.
Left Extreme Beginning point of graphics on left side of tire. 0 indicates left rim flange.
Right Extreme Ending point of graphics on right side of tire. 1 indicates right rim flange.