Force Graphics Tab

The Force Graphics tab gives you the option to create tire contact patch force graphics, allowing you to visualize in HyperView the vertical, lateral and longitudinal forces acting on the idealized tire contact patch. The forces are the integral of the friction and contact forces over the contact patch area between the road and tire. You control the color and scale of the graphics and their lateral offset from the contact patch location.
Note: The offset prevents the tire, wheel, and chassis graphics from obscuring the force graphics.
Figure 1.

Click the Force Graphics check box to turn the graphics on and off.

Figure 2.

The Force Graphics controls are explained in the table below:
Control Description
Force Graphics Check the Force Graphics box to activate force graphics for viewing in HyperView. Clear the check box to deactivate force graphics.
Scale Enter a real number greater than zero to define the length per unit force of the graphics. For example: At t = 2.0 sec, if the FZ of the contact patch force is 1000 N, a scale of 5 would result in the graphic vector length = 1000 / 5.0 = 200 mm.
Radius Enter a real number greater than zero giving the radius of Force Graphic Arrow.
Offset Enter a real number giving the distance out board (laterally away from the vehicle center-line) of the tire contact patch to display the tire force graphics.
Graphics Color Tire Force Arrows color. The color is used for the FX, FY, and FZ Vectors.