PCB Outline Sharp Angle

Analyze the sharpness of the PCB outline.

The edge of the board outline is rounded to prevent a safety problem during the manufacturing process. Additionally, a rounded edge is needed for mounting the PCB on the manufactured machine.

The PCB Outline Sharp Angle dialog contains the following sections:
  • Edge Corner Only: Only analyze the PCB’s four edge corners
  • Minimum Angle for Sharp Corner(Not Arc Case): Fail PCB outlines that are composed with line geometries and with corner angles greater than 90-degrees during the analysis.
  • Minimum Arc Radius for Sharp Corner(Arc Case): Verify the minimum radius of the arc. If the radius is less than the defined values, it will fail the analysis. Use if the PCB outlines are composed with arc geometries.
  • Corner data type should be only Arc: Fail corner data that is not arc geometry during the analysis.
  • Except for the overlapping holes and outline: Exclude hole data overlapped with the outline from the analysis.