Start DFM

From the menu bar, click Option > DFM > Input after reading the design file to make a DFM input file.

The PollEx-DFM Design Constraints dialog opens. There are five different parts of the dialog:
  • Serving with toggle modes, dialog will change from/to between Component Classification Setting and Checking Item Category
  • Edit Classification Data button for setting the component DB
  • Component’s measure-base-type setting window
  • Component’s group setting window
  • Component’s class setting window
  • Checking item list dialog

For more information on design file loading, refer to the PollEX PCB User Guide.

Classify Components Depending on Usage

For classified components, you can save setting into a *.dfmi file and use it in checking another board.

Component Measure Base Type

Component Measure Base Type is used for base of distance checking between components. You can set components measure base with direct selection on layout design, selection from list, or uploading database file. Use three types of component properties: part name, reference name, and package name.

Component Group Type

Group is target checking components list for each item.

Component Class Type

Class is components classification belonging in same group to check the distance between group and group.