PollEx DFM is a board level manufacturability checking software.

PollEx DFM is an optional module of PollEx PCB. Use PollEx DFM to check possible manufacturing design faults in early design stages. PollEx DFM is composed of three parts, running core and pre/post processor module. The pre-processor of PollEx DFM is used to make or input files and conduct post-processing for result review, respectively. PollEx DFM running-core is a manufacturing checking engine. Checked results will be served with an intuitive graphic link to layout design and can be exported into MS/Excel sheet.

Figure 1.

Advantages of PollEx DFM

  • Serve reusable component data base construction for different checking items
  • Can manage multiple inputs depending on processes
  • Easy-to-use input setting and powerful documents with real images, not generic image
  • Fast and accurate running
  • Serve batch running with batch processor